At Raven Consulting Group, skillfully navigating organizational change and developing strategic leaders in the nonprofit sector is our area of expertise. We draw our inspiration from the Raven, whose character symbolizes strength, knowledge, communication, and transformation.

We embody this spirit by helping our clients fulfill their highest and greatest capacity, believing that achieving superior organizational results is fundamentally intertwined with effective leadership. For an organization to reach its highest capacity and performance, there must be a holistic approach to integrating the elements of mission, product and service, resources, and people.

Our services – delivered through consulting, coaching, and workshops – are carried out through core values, which underlie every initiative we undertake.

  • Vision to see things as they could be.
  • Wisdom to listen and learn from the experience.
  • Courage to take risks and embrace new visions.
  • Innovation for creative problem solving and generating new realities.
  • Respect that comes from being a trusted partner.
About Raven Consulting


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