Executive Transition and Succession Planning
“Discovery is seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what no one has thought.”

– Unknown

What We’re Writing

“Yes, You CAN Balance Work and Family Roles” (pdf)
Nonprofit World

Why and How to Hire and Interim Executive Director (pdf)
NC Center for Nonprofits: Common Ground

The Power of the Interim Executive Director
Philanthropy Journal of NC

Courageous Transitions
Center for Creative Leadership, Leading Effectively
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“Leadership Genesis”
Americans for the Arts, ArtsLink
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Nonprofits Must Prepare for Transitions
Philanthropy Journal of NC
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What We’re Reading

Leadership on the Line
Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky
Harvard Business Review Press, 2002

Leading with Authenticity in Times of Transition
Kerry Bunker and Michael Wakefield
Center for Creative Leadership, 2005

Nonprofit Sustainability
Jeanne Bell, Jan Masaoka, Steve Zimmerman
Jossey-Bass, 2010

Co-Active Coaching, third edition
Henry and Karen Kimsey-House, Phillip Sandahl
Nicholas Brealey, 2011

Nonprofit Leadership Transition and Development Guide
Tom Adams
John Wiley & Sons, 2010

Good to Great and the Social Sectors:
A Monograph to accompany Good to Great
Jim Collins
Harper Collins, 2005

Slow Down to Speed Up
John B. McGuire
Forbes, 2/23/2011