Team Coaching

Unlock the potential of your team.
Jeanie Duncan
“Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another, and of strength to be derived by unity.”

– Vince Lombardi

  • Great teams have deep trust.
  • They know how to vigorously debate.
  • They commit.
  • They hold each other accountable.
  • They relentlessly focus on results.

How does your team rate?

Whether it’s a new team forming or an intact team undergoing change or even in crisis, we custom create organization and relationship coaching sessions that guide the client team in identifying the team dynamics, leveraging its strengths, resolving issues, and enhancing productivity.

The emphasis of this form of coaching and development is on the interrelationships of the team as a whole. The process can catapult your team or relationships to the next level by building on existing strengths, breaking through ineffective patterns, and creating clearer communication. This program increases productivity and positivity to become a sustainable, high-performance system that achieves improved results.

Our coaching with teams is frequently combined with industry-leading tools, assessments, and simulations, yielding critical feedback and in-depth performance assessment.


To really understand coaching, you need to experience it. Like so many things in life, there is no substitute for direct experience. To support you in this exploration, I offer a complimentary exploratory session.

Begin the process today by completing and submitting this team coaching questionnaire to, and I’ll contact you to schedule a call.

Following our complimentary session, if you choose to pursue a coaching relationship for your team, our work begins with a two-hour discovery session designed to educate the client on what to expect from the coaching, and to educate the coach on what results the client is seeking. Once the agenda is set, the client and coach determine a schedule and time line in which to create these results.