Executive Transition & Succession Planning

Ensuring good endings and good beginnings.
Executive Transition and Succession Planning
“67% of all executive directors plan to leave their current position over the next five years”

– Daring to Lead, 2011

Preparation for leadership transition – especially for long-tenured or founding executives – paves the way for new leadership to succeed and helps the organization realize its full potential. In both planned and emergency leadership transitions, Raven Group helps:

  • Conduct an organization assessment to identify and leverage strengths and address particular vulnerabilities to help prepare the organization for leadership transition.
  • Craft a succession policy to ensure organization readiness for a leadership transition, whenever that occurs.
  • Work with the executive to design his/her departure path.
  • Partner with the organization’s transition and search committee to facilitate the executive search from start to finish: develop the position profile, establish a highly focused and targeted search plan, conduct candidate outreach and recruitment, and ensure a thorough on-boarding process.
  • Help an organization ensure a good ending with the outgoing executive and a good beginning with the new leader.