Financial Solvency

a critical success factor to deliver sustainable results
“Discovery is seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what no one has thought.”

– Unknown

Financial issues can be complex and daunting. An initial alarm – whether a year-end financial shortfall or a steadily accumulating deficit – can ultimately reveal a tangled thread snaking beneath the surface that, when unraveled, reveals deeper systemic issues.

On the exterior, challenges may come in the disguise of product, communications, or human resource concerns. Yet a deeper dive into the infrastructure can reveal issues linked directly to an organization’s core leadership and financial solvency. There is an art to the science of running a business. Of knowing when and how to detect and respond to the early alarms and charting a course to well-thought-out, creative solutions for long-term sustainability.

Based on direct experience with organizations in financial crisis, Duncan shares steps of exploring the situation, developing solid strategies, and executing practical and sustainable actions through a comprehensive implementation strategy.

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