Interim Leadership Solutions

Hiring an Interim Can Be a Bridge to Success
“The biggest temptation is to settle for too little.”

– Thomas Merton

When a nonprofit organization experiences a leadership transition, hiring an interim executive director can be the most logical and positive action its board can take.

Leadership change is an increasingly common aspect of nonprofit organizational life. Multiple studies reinforce the impending turnover of top leadership in the nonprofit sector, due in great part to the aging and retiring boomer population. It’s not a matter of if, but when the change is coming.

When your organization experiences this transition, research and practice suggests that groups that plan well and use a skilled interim executive director, emerge stronger, more fiscally sound, and with higher levels of optimism about the future impact of their programs and services. Additionally, intentionally selecting an interim executive director can be a strategic tool to prepare an organization for leadership succession, serving a critical purpose far beyond a short-term stopgap measure.

Workshop participants will leave this workshop with:  

  1. Rich understanding of how an organization can benefit and have lasting transformative results when an interim director is successfully placed.
  2. Best practice tips on planning for and hiring an interim executive director for your organization.
  3. Specific ideas of what to expect of an interim and how the interim will work with board and staff.

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