Leading in Times of Transition

A Focus on the Human Element
“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

– Anais Nin

Leading organizational change is an exceedingly broad topic. And while there are countless books, strategy consultants, and executive training workshops dedicated to this subject, few address the critical work of how leaders in real settings, with real people, navigate through the very complex and difficult times of transition. Most address well the structure and mechanics of change, overlooking almost entirely the human elements – grieving, letting go, building hope, and learning. In this workshop, participants will experience the “people” side of navigating significant organization change and gain understanding of a framework of the issues and competencies that contribute to effective leadership during times of transition.

Workshop Take-a-ways


  • Understanding the importance and impact of the human elements of transition.
  • A framework of competencies required to respond to the demands of maintaining the business while attending to the equally important “people” aspects (12 competencies presented as 6 pairs).
  • Insight of self tendencies that will immediately help attendees decipher and adjust their behavior to maintain the crucial balance between the structural side of leading change and the human side of leading transition.

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