Navigating Your Career with Intention

knowing when to make a change and having the courage to leap
“The life which is not examined is not worth living.”

– Plato

Do you ever sit back and wonder how people “know when?” When to make a career change…when to retire…when to pursue a particular opportunity? How do you tune in to your inner “knowing when” voice? More often than not, it doesn’t air on your own personal, clear FM channel; instead, it sounds like a stormy weather broadcast, crackly and distorted by life’s distractions. But it’s there. Like it or not, it requires awareness, attention, and time. Tune in and trust it to help guide you and have the courage to navigate your life and career with intention.

This session highlights Duncan’s own personal experience of completing her tenure as President & CEO of a nonprofit arts organization and taking a year-long sabbatical, which ultimately helped shape a new entrepreneurial venture. It features insights and practical advice to help attendees reflect on their own personal and professional experiences with an eye to the future.

In addition to a single presenter/keynote, this topic may also be presented with the following options:

  • Panel discussion, featuring other presenters with similar career experiences and transitions
  • Combined with related subject matter, such as succession planning, emerging leaders, leadership training, and working with an executive coach

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